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Commercial Office Janitorial Services Medford

When it comes to your commercial office cleaning & janitorial services why not choose the premier cleaning company in Southern Oregon?

We set and maintain standards which we believe are the highest in the industry. A cleaning specification individually tailored to your requirements will be provided detailing daily, weekly and monthly duties. We can make sure that your wash rooms are cleaned and replenished every day. Your carpets will be powerfully vacuumed, polished floor areas treated safely , and telephones sanitised weekly. We provide all the necessary machinery, equipment, chemicals and supplies needed so you don’t have to worry.

Commercial Janitorial Services Medford & Southern Oregon

If you run a professional business and the best option is to have an office cleaning contract with a professional cleaning and janitorial services company that can provide you with daily commercial janitorial services. The reason why you should choose Vista Building Services is because when cleaning and maintenance is performed daily cleaning simply becomes easier when it is maintained as opposed to weekly or even monthly cleaning.

Some janitorial tasks do not have to be performed daily, but are better suited as being weekly tasks or bi-weekly tasks, but they should still be outlined in the commercial janitorial contract to make sure that they are not forgotten. Anything that you lay out in your janitorial service contract is going to be something that Vista Building Services in Medford, Oregon will do for you in order to make sure that all of your cleaning, janitorial and office maintenance needs are met.

We will provide janitorial services to the general office areas, boardroom, private offices, meeting facilities and reception areas, bathrooms, kitchen and any other areas that are specified by the client in the contract.

Below you find some of the daily office cleaning services that will be performed based on your needs :

* Vacuuming carpeted floors and damp mopping hard floors
* Emptying trash bins and replacing with new bin liners
* Removing all waste from the office
* Dusting office equipment
* Dusting and damp wiping desks and office furniture
* Cleaning other furniture as per your specifications
* Dusting computer screens,
* Sanitizing telephone handsets and cradle rests
* Removing dust and finger marks from filing cabinetry
* Dusting and damp wiping furniture and desks in private offices
* Cleaning reception areas
* Cleaning seating areas, arranging magazines and general tidying up
* Cleaning kitchens with antibacterial products
* Sweeping and damp mopping kitchen floors
* Cleaning microwave regularly
* Cleaning fridge and removing items that are out of date
* Collecting and cleaning dishes belonging to the company
* Cleaning bathroom sinks using antibacterial cleaning products
* Cleaning bowls and cisterns using bacterial agents, buffing dry
* Cleaning mirrors
* Cleaning cubicle partitions as needed
* Sweeping and mopping floors in bathroom with a sanitary agent
* Topping up of toilet paper rolls, paper towels and soap dispensers
* Dusting window ledges and light switches on a weekly basis
* Glass surfaces including windows to be cleaned on a regular basis as determined by the client

This list is just a brief look at some of the daily office cleaning services that can be available to you by the right professional janitorial services company. Along with you we can develop the appropriate working plan that will suite your needs. You may opt for light janitorial cleaning service only involving kitchen, bathroom and waste disposal, or you may choose to have everything in the office cleaned on a daily basis.